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Welcome to Education We Want
Dear Ed Leader
The 'best' is nearly not enough. We need to increasingly distinguish between
Doing old things in old ways (traditional teacher led, class dynamic education) from
Doing old things in new ways (traditional education with a dash of inquiry, constructivism, multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, etc.), to
Doing new things in new ways (fundamental changes including use of 'compete with yourself' ethics, etc.).
Transformation Going from 'Best' to the 'Next'
If we want a new outcome, it is clear we need to do things differently, and we also need to do different things. But what are these new and different things, and where is the evidence that they work?
What is the relative effectiveness of 130 plus educational interventions / factors that define good and not so good outcome from an education? What does international research and meta-analysis show in terms of effectiveness of these existing and new factors? What are the absolute NO's in education and what are the must do's? Hear from those involved in the world's largest meta-analysis of research on education!
How do we compare the 'best' and the 'next' set of practices and move forward trusting all these will improve our children's well-being, nurture their self-esteem and, confidence, make learning more joyful and meaningful, and at the same time, boost their academic outcome, the minimum goal of any 'good' school. Hear from individuals who have led changes in their own countries, this despite the fact their countries have produced the best academic results!
Service Learning The missing factor in schooling
Service Learning that provides real-world learning experiences, according to research, is an important predictor of academic outcome, including student attachment to school, school engagement and motivation to learn.
On the 8th of September, our special guest, Madam Nurjahan Begum will speak. She took over from Dr Mohammed Yunus, upon his retirement, as the Head of Grameen Bank. She subsequently began to spearhead some of the most innovative education programmes and became the Managing Director of Grameen Shiksha.
Ed Leadership You Are Invited!
Join and share in the conversations that lead to change. Ed Leadership has always been about deliberate and directed discussions that create a better future for the world's children. Every school needs to aspire to do more than it currently does. This is because all children deserve the next beyond the best.
We invite your wholehearted participation.
A purpose-driven team along with
Sunita Gandhi, PhD
Convenor, Ed Leadership and Education We Want
Co-Founder, Council for Global Education, USA
Exchange ideas and share your innovations
Become a part of the change schools need
Take ideas back to implement the change you want
Meet practitioners from across the GLOBE
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Call: 923 562 001 3/4/5
sms EDUCATION to 58888
A non-profit movement of Global Classroom Pvt. Ltd.
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