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Welcome to Education We Want
Dear Ed Leader and Change Maker,
Education we want is concerned with bringing about profound change in education together with you..
We invite your participation in one of these initiatives of EdWW as linked above.
The main purpose of the initiatives this year is on empowering all education heads including directors, principals, incharges to become more effective partners in change so urgently needed in the education of children.
We look upon times to come, upon the fruitful tree that every child can become, the end at the beginning as we go back to the drawing board to re-imagine education more suited to the needs and aspirations of children and society today. We aim to make education more meaningful and to inspire every child to become both 'Good' and 'Smart'
We invite your partnership in the same and we look forward to hearing from you.
Sunita Gandhi, PhD
Ed Leadership
Exchange ideas and share your innovations
Become a part of the change schools need
Take ideas back to implement the change you want
Meet practitioners from across the GLOBE
Synergy Workshops Nationwide
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Speed pilot or Research TRIAL OF GLOBAL ME!'S Process of PERFECTION
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For More Info
Call: 740 841 488 4/5/6/7
sms EDUCATION to 58888
A non-profit movement of Global Classroom Pvt. Ltd.
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