10th Ed Leadership

05-07 Octpber, 2017 CMS World Unity Convention Center, Lucknow

Participate In 10th Ed Leadership International Roundtable

2nd Global Education Research Conference


10th Ed Leadership Conferences


Founders, Directors, Principals,Vice Principals and Incharges


05-07 Octpber, 2017, World Unity Convention Center (WUCC), Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh


Speakers from around the Globe to share their 'best' and 'next' practices


Registration Rs: 9000, Accomodation available Rs. 3000 / Person (Come a day early, leave a day late no extra cost at WUCC)

Ed Leadership International Roundtables create conversations that lead to change. It serves as a catalyst for change at the same time as provides an umbrella for the sharing of research and good work in education everywhere

Education is the most complex issue of our times and it requires great deliberation. It is a multi-year effort involving all concerned about the future of education and thereby our collective future. We invite you to join hands in any capacity and become a part of this great mission.

The first Ed Leadership International Roundtable took place in January 2008. Since then, eight conferences have taken place till date.

All meals are included. All participants also get a participation certificate. On the last day, Innovation-in-Process Fellowships and International Education Innovator Awards are given.

Ed Leadership Conferences

Each year, Ed Leadership brings together worldwide experts to share their success stories and engage in conversations that lead to change. Each roundtable since January 2008 has focused on creating an effective engagement between education leaders and experts from across the world.
The discussions that take place at Ed Leadership are some of the most important discussions that are taking place across the globe. Ed Leadership raises the profile of our own thinking on education and at the same time provides opportunity to learn from the best performing countries of the world. Hear from individuals who have been leading change in their own countries.
Together, we can!

Ed Leadership You Are Invited!

Join and share in the conversations that lead to change. Ed Leadership has always been about deliberate and directed discussions that create a better future for the world's children. Every school needs to aspire to do more than it currently does. This is because all children deserve the next, not just the best.

"It is an important platform for principals and policymakers as well as teachers to consult, share and come up with new ideas and innovations to create a new world for education in the 21st century. Congratulations to Dr. Gandhi and her team."
Jiba Nath Aryal, Malpi International School,
Kathmandu, Nepal

Leadership has three goals


Share Best and Next Practices by bringing worldwide expertise to share their processes, methods and techniques that bring out the best in every child in both academic and human terms

Create a platform to bring about widespread reform through encouraging the implementation of any and all new and innovative ideas

Influence Policy to create an enabling environment for a more meaningful, broader and bolder education that nurtures the self-confidence of every child and treats every child as special.

Kohn has been described in Time magazine as a "perhaps the USA's most outspoken critic of education." Kohn has been featured on hundreds of TV and radio programs, including the "Today" show and two appearances on "Opraha" He has been profiled in the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. His books have been translated into many of the world's languages.
Jan Berkvens (The Netherlands, 1972) works as a curriculum design and education reform specialist for theNetherlands Institute for Curriculum Development (SLO). After more than ten years of experience in secondary and higher education in the Netherlands (academic, vocational andagricultural streams), he started working as an education reform and capacity building specialist in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2006. The ministry was implementing Education for All strategies, and experienced that capacity building for all people responsible at all levels of the education system was needed.
Dr Jagdish Gandhi
Founder-Manager, CMS
Mr. Jagdish Gandhi founded the City Montessori School (CMS) in 1959 with only 5 students. Today, CMS is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest school by pupils with over 36,000 students on rolls. CMS has also been awarded the highly prestigious UNESCO Prize for Peace Education 2002 - the only school in the world to be honoured with this award. CMS also organizes 24 international events as part of its unique educational philosophy and hundreds of thousands of children from all over the world participate in these events every year. Consequently, the CMS educational model which believes that "School must be the Lighthouse of Society" and which upholds that nurturing spiritual awareness in children must be the central focus of all educational activities, has grown into a veritable school of thought, impacting schools and educational organisations worldwide.